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Let’s Spend a Warm Winter Getaway with American Airlines Flights

Winter doesn’t always have to be cold around Christmas. You can always go to a warmer city to get your doze of sunshine. And what can be a better winter getaway then Florida. Especially when Airlines Reservations is offering mind blowing discounts on bookings of American Airlines Flights to Florida. Have a look at some of the suggested destinations across Florida that you can visit this winter.




Situated on the banks of Tampa Bay, towards the Florida’s Gulf Coast, the city Tampa is a must visit. The city is a contemporary business hub that is attached with interesting history. And you totally cannot miss the glimpse of diversity in culture that you get here. You can pay a visit to the Henry B. Plant Museum which is quirky in its own way. The museum was initially built as luxury hotel in the year 1891. You can go to Busch Garden that has a different African-themed vibe. The garden has abundance of wild animals along with amazing thrill rides. To get a sight of the ethnicity at the Ybor City and its neighborhood that was constructed in the beginning of the 20th century. The place is also an ultimate destination for foodies out there as it has a lot of small restaurants. Get your tickets at a discounted rate at American Airlines Booking.

Fort Lauderdale

Situated in the 28 miles towards the north of Miami, Fort Lauderdale is amongst the great tourist destination. The place is known for amazing beaches and picturesque canals where you can go boating. You can start the exploration from the Strip, which is a wide long promenade. This walk goes with along the ocean and is also lined with high-class outdoor restaurants, fancy boutiques, lively bars, and luxury hotels. If history lures you, you can go to 1901 Stranahan House which is amongst the ancient structure in the city that is still standing. Call now to book for American Airlines Flights to this part of the city.


Jacksonville is a prominent seaport city in the northeastern Florida. It is situated at the place where St. John’s River merges into the Atlantic Ocean. It is a huge city that serves as a regional business hub because of it being modern. The barrier island that is adjacent and the wonderful beaches. It is a perfect place for snorkeling, swimming, and surfing, with the most popular being Jacksonville Beach and Neptune Beach.

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