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Book Baggage Digitally When Traveling with Lufthansa Airlines Flights

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the premium airlines hailing from Germany. The airlines has a commendable grip over the international domestic market. Deutsche Lufthansa AG (or JSC) generally known as Lufthansa (occasionally also as Lufthansa German Airlines), is the major German carrier and, when joint with its affiliates, also the leading carrier in Europe in terms of commuters carried. The name of the company is resulting from the German word Luft "air" and Hansa, the Hanseatic League. Lufthansa is one of the five formation members of Star Alliance, the world's main airline alliance, made in 1997. Lufthansa Airlines Reservations has a great history and reputation in the globe and is always on top choice of some of the top travelers across the globe.



The airlines is also known for always putting a step forward towards latest technology that is prevailing in the market. Let’s read on how the airlines has digitalized baggage handling to regularize more security.

Digital baggage services

With the Lufthansa Reservations and our digital baggage services, you can enjoy the guarantee of knowing where your baggage is located at any point during your journey. Let’s have a look at the key features of this scheme.

Baggage receipt and baggage status

Just after you have dropped off your baggage at either the check-in counter or a self-service bag drop kiosk at your departure airport. It is very easy to call up to check your baggage receipt and baggage status using the mobile boarding pass on your smartphone. The receipt of your baggage will be sent to you as a push notification in the Lufthansa Airlines Reservations app and/or by email. In the event of your baggage going off track, this baggage receipt that is provided to you serves as the starting point for locating your baggage.

Baggage carousel information

After you have landed, you will receive a push notification that will inform you which baggage carousel to go to pick up your luggage. The service is currently available at a number of airports that includes Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Milan Airport.

Smart bag

With a Smart bag you can easily and conveniently provide your baggage with the necessary bag tags for your Lufthansa Airlines Flights, either from home or when you’re on the move – and the whole process is entirely digital. The only thing required is the Lufthansa app and a Smart bag (RIMOWA Electronic Tag or BAGTAG). You will hence be able to check in your baggage under ‘My baggage’ in the main menu, via the drop-down menu for your upcoming flight or via your mobile boarding pass and drop it off at the airport within a few minutes.

Online notification of delayed baggage

If your luggage is not delivered to you on the baggage carousel at the arrival airport, you can report it as delayed, either online or via your Smartphone. It is very easy to access this service:

  • by following the link sent to you by email or SMS
  • via the Lufthansa app

So don’t wait any more book your baggage digitally now and travel the world with Lufthansa Airlines Flights