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Discover New York City with your Loved Ones via Kenya Airways

New York City located in the state of New York, United States is one of the most popular city. New York City is the place to see and explore everything representing some of the world’s most famous museums, parks, and more. It is a city full of bustling nightlife and serving different lip-smacking cuisines. Whether it’s a trip for family, couple, solo travelers and group of friends, New York City is an iconic destination. New York City is an iconic vacation destination. There are world-famous bridges to walk freely and lovely beaches for summer fun. New York City is worth-exploring with your loved ones, so plan your journey through Kenya Airways. Also, Get amazing deals and offers on your booking.
Here’s ultimate New York travel guide to help you plan an unforgettable trip:
Bronx Zoo
Bronx Zoo is one of the famous zoos located within Bronx Park in the Bronx a town of New York City. The Bronx Zoo of the Wildlife Conservation Society is the prominent place to study and appreciate the world's many creatures. They are dedicated to creating a bond between humanity and the natural world. They are representing a Home to more than 6,000 animals and recreating the diverse natural habitats of its numerous residents. Don’t miss your experience with Tiger Mountain or Himalayan Highlands to see big cats enjoying the chilly outdoor. Then, take a route to World of Reptiles and Jungle World for a warm-up with tropical wildlife. Discover the wildlife of New York City through Kenya reservations.
Times Square
Times Square, square in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, connected by the intersection of Seventh Avenue, 42nd Street, and Broadway. It is one of the famous places that should not be missed. One could spend hours in Times Square for shopping, watching and being awed by the billboards. There is so much to do and explore at this place. Get a beautiful view of New York City with a visit to the iconic Top of the Rock. It is a place from street performers to family-friendly restaurants and attractions. The “crossroads of the world” as it is known, is jam-packed with free entertainers as well. Must pay a visit to the inimitable Times Square to explore the commercial and cultural heart of New York City.
Coney Island
Located in the southwestern part of the town of Brooklyn in New York City, Coney Island is a place of wonder to enjoy with your family and friends. Coney Island is a residential entertainment area and a park full of rides connected to a beach and one of New York’s top visited attraction. Coney Island is a place of wonder which offers so many things to enjoy for an entire day. Art lovers and those who enjoy taking photographs in front of masterpieces must make their way to Greenwood Beach—a 500-square-foot at Coney island. What’s more? Experience the Thrilling jolt of Brooklyn nostalgia quite like a ride on the Cyclone. Relish nearly three miles of public beach along the Atlantic Ocean. Play sports like free volleyball, handball, and basketball on courts as well as on playgrounds. Enjoy your time in New York City with your travel partners. Book your journey through Kenya Reservations.
These are the top-most locations to explore in New York City. Plan your visit now and travel through Kenya . Save more and more on your budget by booking through Kenya Airlines.